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Belong Footrest

Laptop computers were not originally designed for long-term use. But with all of the advancements made in technology, more and more people are using laptops as their main computers.

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Maintain better posture

When properly used, a footrest will change your hip angle and put your back closer to the chair backrest.  That means better back support.  Did you ever think that supporting your feet will actually help your back?


  • Width - 5.75"
  • Length - 14.75"
  • Depth - 3.25"

Get Comfortable

Its not always easy to have your entire body supported while doing work in your home office.  As a general rule, your feet should be flat on the floor.  If you find that when your chair is adjusted to the right height for your desk that your feet are not flat on the floor, a Haworth footrest may be just what the doctor ordered!