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Collaborate Marble Side Table

Stanley Felderman and Nancy Keatinge designed this urban-classic table. Sophisticated aesthetic. Modern and friendly, Collaborate makes a stylish impression.

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    Surface Options:StoneBase Finish:ChromeTabletop Shape:RoundBase Options:StarWhite Gioia Marble Star BaseTable Finish:White Joya MarbleBase OptionsSurface Options


    Base Finish:ChromeBase Options:StarSurface Options:StoneWhite Gioia Marble Star BaseTable Finish:White Joya MarbleTabletop Shape:EllipseBase OptionsSurface Options
Collaborate Table

Make A First Impression

Bridging the worlds of residential and commercial design, Collaborate tables are modern and friendly, making a stylish impression throughout the office environment. The shape can be ellipse, round, or square, with marble, wood, or laminate tops. The table pairs perfectly with Collaborate chairs and is available in three heights that nest. A generous variety of base and edge colors is offered.

Collaborate Table with m_sit Sofa

Nancy Keatinge &
Stanley Felderman

Always at the leading edge, Stanley Felderman created one of first ATMs and used fiber optics and holographic images on his first project for Faberge. Felderman and Nancy Keatinge also employed recycled materials in their design for MTV Networks before LEED even existed. The team has rebranded corporations, designing everything from the architecture to the furniture in a space, with the goal of elevate the quality of the experience of a built environment. The duo's work has been featured at the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, and the Newport Harbor Art Museum, as well as in numerous books and publications.

Collaborate Table
Stanley Felderman and Nancy Keatinge - Haworth Store

“The risk is in remaining static and predictable.” -- Stanley Felderman & Nancy Keatinge

Haworth Sustainable Roof - Haworth Store

Haworth Values the World

As one of our core values, it is Haworth's commitment to leave as little impact on our earth as possible in our manufacturing process. In 2009. Haworth achieved the highest level of waste savings by becoming a company that sends Zero Waste to the Landfill each year. We have found ways to reuse and recycle every material we use. We want our customers to feel proud of their Haworth products.

Responsibly Made

  • Made in North Carolina, USA
  • Made with Recycled Aluminum Parts
  • Manufacturing Facility is Zero Waste to Landfill
  • Produced in an ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facility
  • Free of PVC, hexvalent chrome, CFC,PBDE's, persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals
Collaborate Table
Level Logo - Haworth Store
Greenguard logo - Haworth Store

Sustainability Certifications

level - The BIFMA Sustainability Standard
level is a mult-attribute, sustainability standard that takes into account a company's social actions, energy usage, material selection and human and ecosystem health impacts.

GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification Program
Assurance that products designed for use in office environments and other indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors

GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification Program
For products intended for use in schools, day cares, or other environments where children spend significant periods of time, the GREEGUARD Children & Schools Certification Program offers stricter certification criteria


Dimensions(Ellipse): 16"H x 40" W x 26" D

Standard Delivery Type: White Glove Delivery

Lead Time: 5-6 weeks

Assembly Required: No

Care & Maintenance


The individual characteristics and natural variations of wood make every piece of Haworth wood furniture one of a kind. We’ve treated your furniture with the finest finishes to preserve its unique beauty. Now it’s your turn – treat your furniture with a little tender loving care, and it will be good to you for many years to come. Follow these guidelines:

• Clean all surfaces frequently with a soft, water-dampened cloth, wiping with the grain.
• Use coasters under hot objects such as coffeepots and cups (avoid temperature extremes).
• Lift objects to move them.
• Immediately remove all liquids on wood surfaces by blotting them dry (moisture is not your furniture’s friend!).
• Use a protective desk pad under all writing areas and business machines.
• Level the product to prevent items from sliding across surface (and allow better movement of drawer slides).

• Use paper towels as this will scratch the surface.
• Clean or wipe against the grain.
• Expose the furniture to extreme heat, cold or humidity variations (keep away from radiators, air conditioning vents, humidifiers, fireplaces, etc.)
• Pull items across the wood as this will scratch the surface.
• Expose the furniture to strong sunlight (this will accelerate changes in the color of the wood furniture).
• Use harsh solvents – they might cause the finish to deteriorate.
• Use glass cleaners or waxes.
• Allow water to stand on the wood surface.

Regular Maintenance
Dust your wood furniture regularly to avoid build-up of dirt and grime that can dull the finish. Dust with a damp cloth following the grain of the wood. Do not use excess amounts of water and do not allow water to stand on the wood surface.

Other Surface Materials

Other materials that might be utilized in your wood furniture are also easy to care for and maintain.

Laminate Surfaces
For general cleaning, use a mild detergent with warm water. If the surface becomes stained, use a non-abrasive cleaner. After wiping, rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Laminate surfaces with a soft edge can be cleaned with 3M® citrus base natural cleaner or Armor All® vinyl cleaner.

Metal Components
Warm water and a mild detergent will remove most spills and scuffs. Use automotive polish and wax products to remove scratches and restore shine on more worn products.