Upside Sit-to-Stand Desk, Extended Range

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Sit or Stand in Ergonomic Comfort

The versatile Upside desk helps reduce fatigue and back pain by enabling changes in posture and position throughout the day without missing a beat. The simple paddle control lets you easily adjust the height of your worksurface to sit or stand in ergonomic alignment whenever you choose. This extended range version accommodates a wider variety of people, no matter if you’re working, learning or playing. Sturdy construction lets you load up your office desktop with your computer, monitors, speakers, and all the gear you need to stay productive.


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Get yourself moving—with a 22.6" to 48.7" (574mm to 1237mm) adjustment range

Simply push the motorized paddle up or down to change positions

Gyro-sensor technology detects and reduces potential collisions


  • Durable high-pressure laminate top resists scratches and dents
  • 250lb (113.4kg) capacity supports a variety of work tools and accessories
  • Simple paddle height adjustment
  • Height adjustment range of 22.6" to 48.7" (574 to 1237mm) meets BIFMA G1 ergonomic guidelines
  • C-style leg
  • 10-year warranty
  • Desk requires assembly – please see assembly instructions here


  • Meets rigorous BIFMA G1 industry guideline for ergonomic workstations
  • GREENGUARD Certified for indoor air environments


  • 46" W x 23" D (1188mm W x 584mm D)
  • 58" W x 23" D (1473mm W x 584mm D)
  • 46" W x 29" D (1188mm W x 737mm D)
  • 58" W x 29" D (1473mm W x 737mm D)
  • 70" W x 29" D (1830mm W x 737mm D)

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
VERY well built

I decided after working from home for an entire year due to COVID that it was time to take WFH seriously.... so I got this stand/sit desk. I'm a pretty handy guy and it took me about 1 hour to assemble, but have power tools, etc... Let me just say that this is an EXTREMELY well built desk. I have two 32" Monitors, a keyboard, a mouse on this desk and it powers up and down effortlessly without ANY wobble. HIGHLY recommend!

Great desk

Table is solid wood, unlike other brands.

Base is top quality, essentially the same as in a Fully Jarvis.

Assembly is easy and final product feels solid.

Sturdy at 70 Inches Width!

Impressively sturdy at 70 inches wide, which was my primary concern given the design has no lower cross support. Doesn't seem to need it at all!

The online install guide from the product page is MUCH more detailed than the paper version that arrives with the desk. Use that one instead if you can!

I assembled it solo in 2 hours. Other than the sheer mass and getting it up my stairs it was straightforward to assemble.

I only had to pre-drill 6 holes: 4 across the main expandable support, and 2 for the control box mount. The rest were perfect for the installation of the legs itself and the paddle on the 70 inch width base.

Note: The expandable section came with the wrong orientation on the inner rods. (Step 1: "Slot facing in and note position of long tab") Maybe different models have different orientations, but that one took me a bit to figure out. Had to pull the inner rods out entirely and reverse them to get it to match the diagrams.

Also, be careful where you mount the controller box. By default we're only given one extension cord for the leg power. On the 70 inch model if you mount the controller box directly in the middle of the desk the non-extended leg will not be able to reach. Be sure you mount the control box within reach of an non-extended power cable from the leg.

Was expecting a non-trivial setup, so no stars lost!

In Love With This Table!

This table is amazing! It's very sturdy and I have full confidence in it's ability to keep all my equipment upright.


Very quick from order date to delivery!