Built by Haworth. UNSC approved.

Introducing the Fern Halo Special Edition Gaming Chair, exclusively designed for legendary Spartans. Precision engineered for comfort, it supports your entire body for hours of comfort, level after level. Starting at $1499.

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The real deal. Here's how you know.

Certified Authentic

An exclusive patch guarantees your chair is one of a kind and sanctioned by the UNSC.

Code Number Verified

Embroidery on each headrest nods to the legendary Spartan-II super-soldier, the Master Chief.

Emblem Edition

This is it: the only chair designed with a plaque from the United Nations Space Command.

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Fern like you’ve never seen it before.

Exclusive Design

We’ve got fronds. What other chair can say that? Each one extends horizontally between Fern’s cradle and stem to flex with the natural curves of your spine.

Ultra Responsive

Fern reacts to every move you make. Forward tilt supports a focused position forward, which can improve reaction time and increase concentration.

Energy Power-Up

Full support through your shoulders and arms means less fatigue and more focus.

Cloud-Like Comfort

Unlock the platform for your best marathon gaming sessions yet. Fern is like sitting on air, no matter how long you go.