We all want work to fit our lives, not the other way around. At Haworth, we put people at the center of work—we understand that your furniture is more than just product—it should enhance your experience and keep you comfortable.

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It’s All About You

Your chair is a personal choice—and all our ergonomic chairs are designed to fit a broad range of body shapes, sizes, and budgets.

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Move, Perform,
and Focus

Integrating movement throughout the workday helps optimize your productivity and may reduce the health consequences associated with inactivity of prolonged sitting or standing in place. We put our ergonomic science to work so you feel healthy after work.

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No wasting time trying to figure out your furniture. Our ergonomic products support your comfort through intuitive adjustments that are easy to grasp and just where you’d expect to find them.

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Designed Around People

With over three decades of knowledge, research, and global design, we have solutions that will help you vary your posture throughout the day—whether you’re moving around or staying in the zone.