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Comfort is complex.And it's our obsession.

Comfort iscomplex.And it's ourobsession.

Your comfort startswith our science.

Your comfortstarts with ourscience.

In the Lab

Inside our Michigan headquarters, we test our chairs for durability, longevity, and whatever your day throws their way.

Data Drives Us

We rely on studies, surveys, and the industry’s best minds to help design our chairs. From pressure mapping to comfort audits, we take the guesswork out of what fits your body best.

5.5 Billion

The number of data points in high-resolution pressure mapping used to inform the development of Fern.

3.3 Million

The number of Zody chairs sold worldwide.

Dr. Teresa

The doctor will see you now. And your back will be so happy.

Meet Dr. Teresa Bellingar, our senior ergonomist. She spends her days in our Michigan headquarters researching, developing, and testing our designs to make sure each one meets the highest standards of ergonomics.

75 years of

What started in a garage in 1948 is now a global leader in ergonomics. We’ve always believed that wellness and sustainability are hallmarks of great design.

There is not a thing thatyou're doing that you can'tbe doing better.

There is not a thingthat you're doingthat you can't bedoing better.

– Dick Haworth

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