Artifox Pegs


Small but mighty, these magnetic pegs organize your workspace with endless configurations. They’re strong enough to bookend an entire set of encyclopedias. Choose standard or mini. This item is built by Artifox, makers of design marked by craftsmanship and simplicity.

1. Color White Oak

Color: White Oak

2. Style Mini


Made in the USA with rare-earth magnets, these pegs are powerful enough to secure almost any accessory in place. Pair them with Shelf from Artifox to create endless configurations or Lift to display keepsakes. Pegs come packaged in a solid wood container that doubles as a storage cup for pens and pencils. Based in St. Louis, Artifox approaches design with a minimalist perspective that prioritizes quality.

  • Magnetic wood base with storage for small office accessories
  • Magnetic pegs to help you stay organized
  • Powerful enough to hold your accessories in place
  • Standard includes 4 pegs and 1 peg block
  • Mini includes 2 pegs and 1 peg block



  • Length: 6"
  • Width: 1.5"
  • Height: 3.9"


  • Length: 3.2"
  • Width: 1.5"
  • Height: 3.9"


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Artifox is all about aesthetics, quality, and purpose.

Meet the Founders

When Dan and Sarah Mirth needed a desk, they couldn’t find one that fit exactly what they were looking for: minimalist, clean, highly functional, and uncompromising in quality. So they built their own — and other people wanted it. Now, Artifox is dedicated to creating thoughtful, modern design for everyone who cares deeply about their work, their home, and the communities around them.

Design Principles

For Dan and Sarah, the first step in creating an object is to consider the human who will use it. The design has to be clever, but it also has to be subtle — as functional as possible in the most streamlined way. Materials definitely matter, and quality is the only option. “We keep our designs minimal and classic, so no matter how technologies and trends antiquate, our artifacts remain timeless,” Sarah says.

Honest Craftsmanship

Every Artifox design is built with high-quality, sustainable materials sourced in the Midwest. The brand uses sustainably harvested hardwood for durability and longevity. “We also gravitate toward elements like powder-coated steel, aluminum, and leather for their resilience and clean aesthetic,” Dan says.

Simple to Set Up

Everything Artifox makes is designed to ship flat-packed and assemble in minutes. Custom aluminum and steel joints deliver lasting durability.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Beautiful items

Beautiful items. Great customer service

High Quality

Appreciate the quality and features. Even the box/packaging was high quality, like buying an Apple product.


everything went smoothly

High quality materials

It's high quality materials. It looked and felt like I thought it would based on the product images/description.

Expectations exceeded

It is a functional and Aesthetically pleasing set of furniture. Expectations were set and generally exceeded and it was easy to track

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