Fern Digital Knit Office Chair


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Customer Reviews

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Extremely Solid Chair - 4.6/5

High quality materials. The digital knit is soft and comfortable that feels like it will last a long time.
Adjustments are fine tuned.
Flexibility of the backrest.
Lots of customization.
Long Warranty.

If you are taller/larger this chair maybe a little small, especially the top of the backrest. I'm 6'3" 220 athletic and I'm a bit too large for this chair.
The max height of the chair is solid but could be 0.75 to 1.25 inches higher.
The standard headrest is not great and not worth the extra money.

Overall an extremely solid chair that's high quality with a long warranty.
Would I buy this chair again? Probably not, but if they made an XL version of this chair, I would pick it up in a heartbeat.

Muhammad Hassan
Haworth Fern

Outstanding chair. Very comfortable. Sat on it straight for 4-5 hours without any trouble

Dana Epstein
Wonderful Chair

I absolutely love how much the chair can be customized to make me feel so very comfortable! From the start of being able to select the options that I have not found in other chairs to the ability to physically customize the chair itself, I find the ability to determine the specifics of the chair for me is a true benefit. The general design is great and the digital knot material adds an additional level of comfort. I find that I am not so fidgety when on longer virtual meetings. I have had this chair for only a short time but it is already the best office chair I ever had. I look forward to enjoying it for many years to come.

Daniel Klob
Solid Quality

I was nervous about pulling the trigger on an expensive purchase like this sight unseen. Sure, I’d done my research but still. In hindsight I’m glad I bit the bullet. My fern has gotten even more comfortable the more I settle into it. The build quality is top tier, and contrary to all the factory fern headrest haters, I’m glad I went for it. If you want a pillow-like headrest, it won’t be for you. If you want something that cradles your neck and holds your head when you lean back, it gets the job done. Looking forward to many years with my Fern. Thanks Haworth!

David Pike
Worth it.

I am sure many of you hesitated and cringed at clicking the button to place order, but so glad I did. Yes, I would have loved to have found a 200 dollar chair that was remotely close, but they don’t exist. And I am frankly tired of wasting money every couple of years replacing inferior chairs.

While I have had my Fern for a few short weeks, I am thrilled with the quality and comfort after sitting in it for a full day. Fern is my new best friend.

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