Mantle Portable Lamp


Mimic the magic of candlelight in any setting, from desk to dining table — and even outdoors. Mantle is a compact, battery-powered, portable lamp. Get the glow with Tala, maker of high-quality, sustainable LED lights for your home.

1. Color Cobalt

Color: Cobalt



Mantle is designed with a slender silhouette and conical form that allows light to project evenly. It was carefully designed to cascade light downward to illuminate the surface below it. The powder-coated, speckled finish pays homage to classic French enamel tableware. Use Mantle anywhere to bring in the soft, gentle glow of candlelight.

  • IP44 rated – suitable for outdoors
  • Cordless long-life battery (up to 24 hours)
  • Push-button dimmer
  • USB-C charging
  • 2-year warranty
  • 30,000-hour bulb life
  • Made of powder-coated stainless steel with a speckle finish
  • Warm white bulb
  • 8.5W max LED bulb emits 200 lumens per bulb


Length: 3 1/8" 

Width: 3 1/8" 

Height: 7 4/8" 



  • With gentle motion, use a light feather duster or a clean, dry, lint-free cloth to prevent dust and dirt build-up.
  • Never use solvents or abrasives to clean.
  • Learn more about how to care for your light.

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That feel-good glow starts here.

Portable Design

Mantle is meant to go where you do. Charge it and get up to 24 hours of battery life. The warm white bulb lasts up to 30,000 hours.

Suitable for Outdoor Use

Built to withstand the elements, Mantle is IP44 wet-rated for use outside. Bring it out back to create soft ambience in the evening air.

A Flickering Glow

Mimic the magic of candlelight. Mantle is perfect as a dining table centerpiece or to warmly illuminate your WFH space.

Tala goes beyond a bright idea.

End-to-End Design

Transitioning over 3 million homes to LED lighting was a good start, but we must go further. Roughly 2 million tons of extra electronic waste is generated annually — which is why Tala's approach to designing lighting balances sustainability, design, and technology. The goal is to make products that are easy to maintain, fix, or disassemble for recycling. By choosing premium materials and optimizing product design, we can increase longevity and reduce electronic waste.

LED Technology

Lowering our global energy demand has never been more important. Lighting still accounts for 15% of the global electricity consumption, and an overnight global transition to highly efficient lighting could avoid more than 800 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. Tala is at the forefront of a movement to design high-quality, low-energy lighting. Designing with LED (Light-Emitting Diode) allows us to do more with less. LED lighting is 90% more energy efficient and lasts ten times longer than traditional lighting, like incandescent.

100% Plastic-Free Packaging

Tala’s product design and supply chain teams have been throwing everything at this challenge. Shipping delicate glass objects internationally is no easy feat, but we’re pleased to say that 100% of all Tala packaging in production will be plastic free. Switching to recyclable packaging materials will save over 17,000 lbs. of single-use plastic over a year.

Premium Materials

Materiality matters. Tala sticks to a tight palette of high-quality materials. Not only does this refine the look and feel of every design, it also minimizes end-of-life impacts. 100% of Tala light bulbs are glass. We use beautiful borosilicate glass for the complex, mouth-blown forms, and we use soda lime for the smaller uniform shapes. For our fixtures, we love aluminum and brass for their endlessly recyclable qualities.


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