Gaming Ergonomics: The Elite Gamer's Secret Weapon

Gaming Ergonomics: The Elite Gamer's Secret Weapon

How Gaming Ergonomics can take your performance to a new level.

Whether you’re poised to hit that next level in the eSports arena or you’re a casual gamer who enjoys playing for hours at a time, your game depends on the same factors that affect the pros. Just like with any athlete, it’s all about the mind-body connection.

That’s exactly why TSM and CLG hired sports psychologists when the team was tilted. It’s why Team Liquid has two chefs cooking healthy meals around the clock, and why there’s an entire industry that creates products focused on the benefits of ergonomics for gamers. It’s because the pros know that the deeper connected their minds and bodies are, the better their performance is.

So no matter what your gaming goals are, ergonomics can make or break you.

Fern Digital Knit in Baltic Blue
Fern Digital Knit in Baltic Blue

What are the benefits of ergonomics for gamers?

Ergonomics for gamers is all about finding your optimal gaming position. When your body is in position to support itself without a second thought, then your brain is free to focus.

For you, that means…

      • Making better, snap decisions
      • Sharper problem solving capabilities
      • And increased reaction times

But it also means…

      • More support for your back during a raid  
      • Less fatigue to keep you focused
      • Improved circulation even when you’re not gaming

Gaming ergonomics is about eliminating discomfort as a distraction to your gameplay.

How to find your optimal ergonomic gaming setup.

Everyone has different gaming set-ups depending on what game you’re playing and your body type. But here’s how to find the problem positions and solutions for how to fix them.

  1. What hurts after you’ve been gaming?

Is it your neck, your back, wrist, fingers, legs? First, you have to find what hurts. You also need to limit other factors when troubleshooting your ergonomic gaming set-up. That means steering clear of hard physical labor or workouts before trying to figure this out.

2. Why does it hurt?
Once you have the answer to what hurts, you can figure out why it hurts. Yes, obviously, it’s because you were gaming in a bad position, but what exactly about that position caused the pain?
    • Did the pain in your wrist come from resting on a hard desk for a long time?
    • Do you have a problem with your feet falling asleep?
    • Are your neck muscles tight because you have to look up or down at your screen?
    • Is your lower back sore because it gets tired of supporting you and slumps?
    • Do your hips start shooting pain because you’ve been leaning forward too much?
All of these are symptoms of the main causes of discomfort:
    • Lack of support
    • Lack of circulation
    • Holding unnatural positions
So let’s see how we can adjust your gaming set-up using ergonomics to keep you out of pain, and your brain focused on the game.


3. How to adjust your gaming set-up using ergonomics

When you feel pain in a certain position, bring your body to a neutral posture. Better yet, stand and stretch for a moment to release tension.

Here are some guidelines:

    • Your feet should rest easily on the floor or propped up on an ottoman.
    • Your hips and torso should be at an angle of 90 degrees or greater to keep your hips open for circulation.
    • Your wrists and neck should rest in a neutral position.
    • And the screen should be an arm’s distance away at eye level to prevent eye strain.

The Elite Gamer's secret weapon? The gaming chair.

Obviously the most important part of your set-up is your gaming rig, but don’t dismiss the role a gaming chair can play.

A good gaming chair is comfortable when you sit down to play. An excellent gaming chair does more.

Not only should your chair feel good after hours of gameplay, it should respond to your every move to relieve pressure points, allow your muscles to relax, and blood to circulate freely.

That means your gaming chair needs to adapt to your height and have adjustable lumbar support for your lower back. Having these customizable features means you can also move around while still maintaining proper positioning.

You can lean back and recline while waiting for your raiding party or using your controller. Then you can use the forward tilt during those intense raids.


More ideas to help you stay focused, aligned, and gaming your best.

Although seating is the crux of your setup, additional tools can make it easier to adhere to ergonomic recommendations. Ergonomic accessories like our Ergotron Keyboard Tray let you customize the height and tilt of the keyboard and our Ergotron LX Dual Side by Side Monitor Arm lets you adjust the height, tilt and distance of your monitors.


If you’re getting pain from prolonged pressure, cushion those pain points. Do your forearms feel sore from resting on your hard desk? Then find a slim desk cushion.

If your hips get super stiff from sitting all the time, you might opt for a standing desk. This way when your hips are aching, you don’t have to stop gaming. Just readjust your desk to the standing position and keep going.

Finally, if you have trouble with your limbs falling asleep, then you need to find a new position that doesn’t cut off blood flow. Utilizing products with a multitude of adjustments can be key to finding the right placement and position for everything in your gaming setup. Try a few different layouts to find out which works best for you.


Find your build: Combine Ergonomics and Gaming to gear up with Haworth

The time you spend gaming doesn’t have to be compromised by pain, stiffness, and fatigue. Introduce ergonomic design into your setup, and unlock new levels of performance.


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