Artifox Standing Height Desk


Take your workday to new heights with this modern desk, which accommodates a standing position. Build your setup with modular pieces designed to work together. Crafted of solid white oak or solid walnut, this desk is built by Artifox, makers of design marked by craftsmanship and simplicity.

1. Color White Oak

Color: White Oak

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Solid wood with a satin finish shapes this modern desk. A cable grid discreetly manages power cords, and an integrated dock is compatible with a range of accessories for a personalized space that’s made for you. Build your setup with modular pieces designed to work together. This desk ships flat packed and assembles in minutes. Based in St. Louis, Artifox approaches design with a minimalist perspective that prioritizes quality.
  • Made in the USA
  • Convenient pegs for hanging bags and headphones
  • Metal grid for attaching cables
  • Built-in dock for devices and modular accessories
  • Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces
  • Quick assembly with included tool
  • Rear notch for monitor mount and large cables
  • 1 knot (cable stopper)
  • 6 Velcro straps (cable management)
  • Accessories sold separately


  • Length: 52"
  • Width: 26"
  • Height: 42"



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Headline: If you could dream up a desk...

Built-In Dock

Attach accessories to create a personalized set-up that works for what you need every day.

Cable Management

No more clutter. Easily manage cords and power strips by attaching them to the cable grid.

Essentials Within Reach

Store headphones and bags on the convenient pegs to keep must-haves handy. 

Artifox is all about aesthetics, quality, and purpose.

Meet the Founders

When Dan and Sarah Mirth needed a desk, they couldn’t find one that fit exactly what they were looking for: minimalist, clean, highly functional, and uncompromising in quality. So they built their own — and other people wanted it. Now, Artifox is dedicated to creating thoughtful, modern design for everyone who cares deeply about their work, their home, and the communities around them.

Design Principles

For Dan and Sarah, the first step in creating an object is to consider the human who will use it. The design has to be clever, but it also has to be subtle — as functional as possible in the most streamlined way. Materials definitely matter, and quality is the only option. “We keep our designs minimal and classic, so no matter how technologies and trends antiquate, our artifacts remain timeless,” Sarah says.

Honest Craftsmanship

Every Artifox design is built with high-quality, sustainable materials sourced in the Midwest. The brand uses sustainably harvested hardwood for durability and longevity. “We also gravitate toward elements like powder-coated steel, aluminum, and leather for their resilience and clean aesthetic,” Dan says.

Simple to Set Up

Everything Artifox makes is designed to ship flat-packed and assemble in minutes. Custom aluminum and steel joints deliver lasting durability.


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