Elements Laminate Top Flare Leg Desk

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The Elements Desk is a celebration of honest materials and sincere craftsmanship. It’s crafted in West Michigan by makers who grew up with a deep love for the native species and natural resources that surround them.

  • Choose from a solid wood or laminate top
  • Wood is FSC certified and refined by hand, from raw lumbar selection to final finishing
  • Laminate is durable, low-maintenance, and easy to care for and clean
  • Solid steel frame, forged by hand
  • Supremely sturdy, durable, and solid in your space



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Meet our materials.

FSC-Certified Wood

Our makers hand cut, plane, join and sand the wood tops, all sourced within 25 miles of the West Michigan workshop where each desk is made.

Easy-Care Laminate

Our laminate tops are certified GREENGUARD Gold® and tested to be free from over 10,000 chemicals. They resist stains and moisture for easy wear and care.

Solid Steel

Each base is cut by hand from full lengths of premium, hot-rolled solid steel sourced from the Great Lakes region. It’s welded and ground by hand for an ultra-smooth touch, even over seams. A powder-coated finish enhances durability and resistance to chips and scratches.

Crafted to last by makers who care.

Welcome to the woodshop.

Hand selected and cut, each length of wood is FSC certified and sourced within 25 miles of our makers’ West Michigan workshop. Most of the wood they use grew up around here, just like they did. Sourcing locally helps reduce fossil fuels and greenhouse gases while paying homage to the land they love. Roughly half of their wood would get discarded in a conventional woodshop, but here it’s recovered to make something new. Plank construction ensures long-lasting durability.

Makers in love with the Midwest.

Our artisans work in a small shop just off the shores of Lake Michigan. They hold a deep respect for nature, which inspires their work every day. Each step of the process involves a human touch, and nothing goes out the door if we’re not convinced it’s right.

Celebrating the slow furniture movement.

Quality over quickness. Sustainability over speed. This is furniture that’s made to last and feel good in your space. Building these pieces is a process, and it’s picky: not any old materials will do, and every step is watched by a human eye. Less waste, better living. It’s our way of being deliberate and investing in the concept of home.

Made the way you want it.

One size fits all just isn’t a thing here. Choose a solid wood or laminate top, then pick your base, made of solid steel and welded into your choice of five silhouettes. As beautiful as it is durable, this desk works double time as a dining room table when the workday wraps up. It’s furniture you’ll love having in your home thanks to its sculptural profile and rich material build.


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