Reflection Oval Table Lamp

$225.00 Limited Time $191.00

The Reflection Table Lamp combines a premium porcelain base with high-quality LED technology. Designed exclusively for Tala by David Weeks. Get the glow with Tala, maker of high-quality, sustainable LED lights for your home.

$225.00 $191.00


Award-winning New York designer David Weeks offers a playful take on some of Tala’s most iconic bulb designs. The Reflection Table Lamp is made from premium, semi-translucent porcelain, hand-thrown and twice-fired to create a reflective glaze.

  • Premium semi-translucent porcelain base
  • Raw bisque and reflective glaze finish
  • Custom in-line dimmer
  • 3m grey braided PVC cord
  • Oval LED bulb included
  • 3-year warranty
  •  25W max LED bulb emits 540 lumens per bulb — equivalent to 45W max incandescent bulb


  • Length: 7 4/8"
  • Width: 7 4/8"
  • Height: 8 2/8"



  • Please retain all product information and instructions for the lifespan of the product.
  • Always turn off power at the mains and allow the lamp or fixture to cool fully before commencing maintenance.
  • When installing your fixture, follow all necessary health and safety standards for height access.
  • Do not pull or expose the fixture cable to excessive force.
  • It is advised to clean all products regularly to remove dust build-up and ensure maximum product efficiency.
  • It is recommended to use a light feather duster or a clean and dry lint-free cloth to prevent the excessive build-up of dust and dirt on the surface of the glass.
  • If a more thorough clean is required, ALWAYS remove the lamp from the fixture before commencing maintenance.
  • When handling the lamps, wear gloves to ensure no oil or grease is transferred to the glass surface as this can damage the surface finish and weaken the glass itself.
  • Always handle the lamp or fixture with care. Hold the lamp by the metal screw base where possible.
  • Never use solvents or abrasives during maintenance of the lamp or fixture.
  • Never expose any part of the lamp or fixture to water or moisture.
  • When cleaning the lamp, be careful not to rub vigorously as the protective and decorative surface coatings can be removed.
  • Do not over-tighten the lamp to the fixture, and make sure to allow a small amount of flex.
  • Once the lamp is installed in the fixture, check it is secure before turning the power on. Warrantied up to 3 years from purchase date.

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End-to-End Design

Transitioning over 3 million homes to LED lighting was a good start, but we must go further. Roughly 2 million tons of extra electronic waste is generated annually — which is why Tala's approach to designing lighting balances sustainability, design, and technology. The goal is to make products that are easy to maintain, fix, or disassemble for recycling. By choosing premium materials and optimizing product design, we can increase longevity and reduce electronic waste.   

LED Technology

Lowering our global energy demand has never been more important. Lighting still accounts for 15% of the global electricity consumption, and an overnight global transition to highly efficient lighting could avoid more than 800 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. Tala is at the forefront of a movement to design high-quality, low-energy lighting. Designing with LED (Light-Emitting Diode) allows us to do more with less. LED lighting is 90% more energy efficient and lasts ten times longer than traditional lighting, like incandescent.

100% Plastic-Free Packaging

Tala’s product design and supply chain teams have been throwing everything at this challenge. Shipping delicate glass objects internationally is no easy feat, but we’re pleased to say that 100% of all Tala packaging in production will be plastic free. Switching to recyclable packaging materials will save over 17,000 lbs. of single-use plastic over a year.

Premium Materials

Materiality matters. Tala sticks to a tight palette of high-quality materials. Not only does this refine the look and feel of every design, it also minimizes end-of-life impacts. 100% of Tala light bulbs are glass. We use beautiful borosilicate glass for the complex, mouth-blown forms, and we use soda lime for the smaller uniform shapes. For our fixtures, we love aluminum and brass for their endlessly recyclable qualities.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Molly Bunshaft
Its hard to find quality

Its hard to find quality products these days and everything about this lamp is quality. Design is thoughtful and organic but modern at the same time. I like the idea of being able to change the look of the lamp by switching out the bulb to a different shape. Really provides a nice ambiance to any room and doesnt hurt your eyes when looking directly at it. I would definitely buy a second lamp from Tala. Products are top notch.

Sin Ieng Ip
Satisfactory quality

Satisfactory quality to expectation.

Gorgeous light

Gorgeous light bulb that really elevates the wall sconce.

Really lovely

Really lovely and totally changes the fixture!

Joanne Randall
These are fantastic

These are fantastic bulbs.

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